"A jilted wife meets a mysterious stranger in a West End bar. Their flirtatious conversation inspires her dark side but she gets more than she bargained for."

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Curated Selection Unrestricted View, London (Official Selection) 1st November 2017

One of the Albion Tales trilogy; three interconnected shorts set in a mysterious London; Misdirection follows Steph (Lucy Cudden: Collider, Judas Ghost, Chemical Wedding), stood up by her husband in a West End bar and now approached by the seductive David (Daniel Caltagirone: Britannia, Medici: Masters Of Florence, The Pianist, The Beach). Initially frosty, Steph thaws as he disarms her with playful magic tricks. As their flirtation deepens, they begin to reveal their darker sides - and their darker fantasies.

Daniel Caltagirone (David) in Misdirection

Lucy Cudden (Steph) and Daniel Caltagirone (David) in Misdirection

Daniel Caltagirone (David) and Lucy Cudden (Steph) in Misdirection

Lucy Cudden (Steph) in Misdirection

Writer/Director: Nic Alderton DoP: Laurence Blyth Length: 9 minutes Aspect: 2K/4K Scope (2.39)

Initially released individually as stand-alone films, The Albion Tales will later see release as a compilation in which additional material will reveal how our stories connect.


Curated Selection Unrestricted View, London (Official Selection) 1st November 2017

UK Premiere Frightfest, London (Official Selection) 25th August 2017

World Premiere 19th July 2017, Fantosfreak, Catalonia (Official Selection)